The ongoing Saga of Sneaker the Salsa Dog Chef, Pt. #2

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The ongoing Saga of Sneaker the Salsa Dog Chef, Pt. #2
Written By: Salsa de Rosa Team ~ 6/3/2019

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Ever wonder where some of our outstanding recipe’s come from? Well…since embarking (note the dog reference – em”barking”) on creating fabulous recipes that use Salsa de Rosa, Sneaker, the salsa dog chef has finally decided to share one of her secrets.

As she lay in the sun on her comfy couch, the warmth pushing her deeper and deeper into a wonderful, blissful nap, Sneaker grinned widely as she envisioned tasty meals and delectable creations.

On the TV in the background, a commercial for “hot pockets” played quietly. The thought of a “hot pocket-like” treat floated in and out of her consciousness. She could smell the crispy crust of the meat-filled calzone that oozed cheese and gooey goodness.
One eye opened and then the other. Sneaker was driven awake by the tantalizing thoughts of a Salsa de Rosa calzone! And that’s how the new calzone recipe was created…

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