The Ongoing Saga of Sneaker, The Salsa Chef Dog PT. 1

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The Ongoing Saga of Sneaker, The Salsa Chef Dog PT. 1
Written By: Steven Bryar ~ 4/8/2019

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Sneaker, aka Lucy, is a pesky little dog who knows how to avoid trouble and get what she wants – hence the nickname, “Sneaker”. For instance, instead of sleeping “on” the bed, she sneaks under the covers. Instead of eating chicken flavored kibble, she secretly conspires with her vet to convince her owner that her recent ear infection was due to her dry food and that the best way to avoid infections in the future was to make her special food, which included yummy Salsa de Rosa.


Sneaker always finds a way to get what she wants. Living in a home where her owners run a successful salsa business is a dream come true. While she loves snuggling up on her owners’ lap, she also loves it when they leave. That’s when her sneakiness comes out.

Rather than root through the trash for scraps or tasty wrappers with dried leftovers, she reads cookbooks and does internet searches on food. Her mind wanders with possibilities, as images of delicious looking meals are colorfully displayed.

Looking around to ensure the coast was clear, she scampered to the fridge to gather some ingredients: a nice pork butt, a yellow onion, a can of chicken broth and the coup de grace – Salsa de Rosa Mean Green. Working quickly, she unwrapped the roast and placed it in the slow cooker. She diced half the onion, opened the can of chicken broth and added them to the roast along with the salsa. She set the temp to low and covered the machine. Now it was time for a nap.

The bright sunshine cascading through the window, drenched her in warmth. Dreams of pork butts shaking and taunting her, caused her to flinch and twitch as she chased them around trying to catch them. It wasn’t long before the heavy aroma of tasty slow cooked pork drove her to consciousness, a few hours later.
Carefully opening the lid, Sneaker almost melted with anticipation as the delectable smell of tender salsa cured pork butt wafted throughout the kitchen. Holding a fork with a trembling paw, she poked at the meat and flaked it eagerly. It was perfect. She placed some in a bowl to sample.

Just then, the front door opened and in walked her owner…dammit!

The saga continues…

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