ALERT! NEW FLAVOR!! Have You Tried Our Mean Green Salsa de Rosa?

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ALERT! NEW FLAVOR!! Have You Tried Our Mean Green Salsa de Rosa?
Written By: Morgan Bryar ~ 10/8/2018



Rosemarie, our salsa recipe chef, was at it again! She enjoyed cooking with our green salsa, but but she wanted it to be spicier. So Ro and Steven worked together to develop our newest flavor of the Salsa de Rosa family - Mean Green.

Mean Green is verde salsa but with a hint of tomato, so it's not a true verde like our green salsa. Mean Green is like a normal verde salsa, but includes small chuncks of tomato. It's also as hot as our regular hot salsa.

Verde salsas are typically ground very fine so they're more soupy/saucy. They are great with which to cook! Check out some of our salsa recipes on our cookbook page.

ALERT! NEW FLAVOR!! #MeanGreen coming to #Safeway & #Albertsons soon! Try our spicy verde! Excellent to cook with #SalsaDeRosa #foodporn

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