A lot to be thankful for.....

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A lot to be thankful for.....
Written By: Salsa de Rosa Team ~ 11/25/2019


Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, as does our entire country.

On a personal note, while Ro and I are still grieving the loss of our beloved daughter, Morgan; however, we are heartened by the knowledge that she is waiting for us in a better place. And for that, we give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ.

From a company standpoint, Salsa de Rosa has much to be thankful for. First and foremost, we’re thankful for all our loyal customers. You are why we keep doing what we do.

We hired a new Sales and Business Development Manager this year, Joe Matyasik, and his 30 years of experience in selling salsa. Our mutual selection of each other, him opting to work for us and us willing to hire him, speaks volumes. He readily acknowledges that Salsa de Rosa is the best tasting salsa he and his wife Glori have ever tasted. He’s finding it pretty easy to sell! We’re very thankful for that.

As a result of Joe’s efforts, we have numerous leads that are lining up nicely for 2020. We’re grateful for those and we expect a big 2020!

We’re also thankful for the successful transition to Peterson Distributing. Our new partnership with them will lead to more growth and stability here in the NW.

We’re also thankful our GM Josh Akramoff, by who’s leadership is making it possible for us to fulfill our dream to make Salsa de Rosa our legacy.

We are also very thankful for our son Erik, who will take the reins of Salsa de Rosa, in the near future, and his lovely wife Kasey. We are also extremely thankful for our first grandchild, who is ‘in the oven’ and is scheduled for arrival in the salsa vat around mid February 2020. We’re very excited!

We are very thankful for our God, country, life, liberty and freedom to speak our mind, buy and own what we want and live in relative freedom.

What are you thankful for? Send us an email at blog@salsaderosa.com 

2020 is on pace to be a fantastic year! Thank you Lord for your blessings, guidance and grace.
Please, everyone, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

- Steven and Ro

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