Is Salsa de Rosa truly FRESH?

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Is Salsa de Rosa truly FRESH?
Written By: Salsa de Rosa Team ~ 12/9/2019

BLOGPOST_OurSalsaIsFresh11112019.JPGWow. There’s supposedly no such thing as a dumb question, but we heard a libelous rumor from a local buyer who claimed we ‘froze’ our salsa before distributing it! What a crock!! Maybe this ill-informed buyer was simply mistaken or maybe they got bad information but either way, this is “fake news”.

Salsa de Rosa takes tremendous pride in providing an exceptionally high-quality product. Sometimes, very, very, very rarely we (our co-packers) may slip up and make a mistake, but if and when that ever happens, we make it right by our consumers. Our customers and consumers are what drive us to provide a consistent, high quality product. We don’t take shortcuts and we don’t skimp on ingredients.

Even more infuriating was her claim that she had a “far superior” salsa already and that our ‘quality’ had gone down the last several years. We try EVERY salsa in the market, especially new ones that crop up. If she is soooo impressed with this ‘other’ salsa, then please, have them submit their brand to a national food contest and see how it fairs. If it wins, great. Until then, bite it. Sorry for the rant…

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