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...and the Winner is...
Written By: Salsa de Rosa Team ~ 12/2/2019


The 2020 Scovie results are in and Salsa de Rosa had another banner year!

We entered a new category this year, the Fresh Salsa, All Natural category. This group included ALL fresh salsa’s that are considered “All Natural” and didn’t segregate based on heat level. There were only THREE winners: First, Second and Third…

and the winner is…
Fresh Salsa, All Natural category
First – Salsa de Rosa Medium
Second – Salsa de Rosa Mild
Third – Salsa de Rosa Hot

Salsa de Rosa SWEPT this new category!!

Then in the regular “Fresh Salsa” categories that are divided up by heat level, Salsa de Rosa kicked butt again.

Fresh Salsa, Mild/Medium category
Second – Salsa de Rosa Medium
Third – Salsa de Rosa Mild

Fresh Salsa, Hot category
First – Salsa de Rosa Hot
Second – Salsa de Rosa Extreme Heat

Lastly, in the Unique category
Third – Salsa de Rosa Verde

We are so thrilled and blessed that we have a great tasting, full flavored, high quality truly FRESH salsa and the ability to share it with friends and family. And yes, we consider every consumer part of our extended family!

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