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Out of Stock? Take a pic....
Written By: Salsa de Rosa Team ~ 7/29/2019


Seriously?! Don’t you hate it when you go to your favorite market to buy Salsa de Rosa and it’s…OUT OF STOCK?!!!

Oh my gosh!! It’s terrible! Your mouth is all set for the tantalizing, delectable, flavor of Award Winning Salsa de Rosa and then you visit your favorite store, fully prepared to make your purchase, and the store is OUT OF STOCK?! That’s the worst!!

It’s way more humiliating than those dreams where you’re naked in front of your class, or checking out and you don’t have your credit card, or pooping yourself by accident and people can smell you and…ok, that only happened once, but still…

The point is, it’s super annoying when you can’t find Salsa de Rosa when you want it!!

We hate that too!! So here’s what you do. Take of pic of the shelf and email the details (date, store) and what flavor you wanted that was missing and send it to: info@SalsadeRosa.com

We’ll take action to resolve the issue. We got your back!

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