A Personal Message from the Owners: The Next Generation of Salsa de Rosa

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A Personal Message from the Owners: The Next Generation of Salsa de Rosa
Written By: Salsa de Rosa Team ~ 6/17/2019


From the beginning when Ro (Rosa) and I started Salsa de Rosa in January of 1999, we had hoped to build our business into a legacy we could pass along to our children, Erik and Morgan. Tragically, Morgan passed away in early February of this year, but not before she and Josh, our GM, had convinced Erik to take an interest in possibly running Salsa de Rosa in the future.

As a family, we’re slowly progressing through the grieving process at our own paces. Loss is never easy. The emptiness of losing a loved one is incredibly painful and unless you’ve lost a close family member, it’s impossible to describe; however, sadness and darkness eventually give way to happiness, joy and sunshine.

It’s funny but even before we had our two children, one of whom was born in a salsa vat (See FAQ's), Ro had wanted to be a grandmother. Her own mom told her it worked best if she had children of her own first.

We are delighted to announce that Erik and his lovely wife Kasey are now with child! Ro is beside herself with excitement and anticipation! She’s picked out her own grandma name and started buying baby clothes and such.

The coolest thing about the pregnancy is the timing of the due date. The baby is due next year within a week of Morgan’s passing. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

Stay tuned for updates. We’re getting the salsa vat ready!
- Steven

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