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Salsa de Rosa - our newest addition
Written By: Salsa de Rosa ~ 4/29/2019

JoeGlori04292019.pngSalsa de Rosa is delighted to announce the addition of Joe Matyasik as our Sales & Business Development Manager. Joe brings 30 plus years experience in the perishable food industry.

Joe has successfully developed some popular brands of refrigerated salsas/dips including:
Chachies/Santa Barbara (Sabra/Pepsi)
Seňor Felix (California Creative Foods) ,
Wholly Guacamole (Hormel/Mega Mex.)
El Sol Foods (Cacique Cheese)

We were able to woo Joe from other corporate salsa’s by sending samples to Joe and his wife, Glori. He told us from the beginning that she would be the judge, so we knew that once she’d try it, we had him. Joe tells us that they are in agreement, “Salsa de Rosa is the best salsa they have ever had.”

Joe’s experience in business growth and brand building dovetail perfectly with the ambitions of the family’s Five Year Plan. We are excited and honored to work with Joe.

Joe will be moving us down the west coast, in short order! Run Joe, Run!

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