FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Changes at Salsa de Rosa

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Changes at Salsa de Rosa
Written By: Salsa de Rosa Team ~ 4/1/2019

SHOP_ITEM_ChipBeer_077_s.JPGSalsa de Rosa is happy to announce that, effective immediately, we will change our recipe and add in preservatives, like MSG and sodium bisulfate, plus meat drippings and broth, color enhancers and we will limit our flavor choices to Mild, Hot and Extreme Heat! 

Our intent is to compete with all the other salsa brands more closely and mimic their shelf life profile all while separating ourselves with a unique flavor and consistency, enhanced shelf life and narrower product range. We’ll keep the same packaging for a while and not change anything because it’s really expensive, so don’t be surprised with the new meaty flavor and texture. Just keep buying the same thing (or close to it).

The rollout begins immediately, so watch for it in stores soon!

We welcome comments and questions. Send them to  or leave a comment here.

Your Salsa de Rosa team!

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