Not Too Green - But Extra Mean!

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Not Too Green - But Extra Mean!
Written By: Salsa de Rosa Team ~ 3/18/2019

RECIPE_RosPorkVerde.jpgWhat the heck is Mean Green?

Mean Green is the newest flavor in our SDR line up. It is a unique combination of our verde (green) salsa with a bunch more heat - that’s where the ‘Mean” comes from – and a little tomato. While it’s true that Mean Green may not look all that ‘green’, don’t let that dark shade fool you! The flavor creation is absolutely fabulous! Not only is it wonderful for snacking but it is ideal for cooking as well.

The birth of Mean Green

Slow cooked pork verde is where the recipe originated. Ro developed our verde salsa years ago, but Steven complained it wasn’t hot enough. As a result, Ro would add additional jalapeno to her pork meals or add in some Extreme Heat. Before long, the combo became a staple in the SDR home. Just like in years past, when family and friends raved about Ro’s pork verde meals, we knew we were on to something. Steven developed the recipe and continued to tweak it until Ro gave final approval.

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