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Remember Morgan`s Smile!
Written By: Salsa de Rosa Family ~ 2/13/2019

It is with heavy and sad hearts that we announce the passing of Morgan Bryar, the cherished daughter of Rosemarie and Steven, who was of integral importance to Salsa de Rosa. Morgan passed away during the night, on February 8th, 2019 at the age of 31. There are no words to describe the cavernous hole left in our hearts.

Morgan_headshot_2019_revA.jpgMorgan has been the face and future of Salsa de Rosa from the beginning. Steven and Rosemarie started Salsa de Rosa in January 1999 with and for their children Erik and Morgan. A mere 10 years old at the beginning, Morgan grew up helping her parents with the family business. From making initial ‘cold call’ sales to friends, to cutting tomatoes and onions, Morgan was involved in every stage of the business over the years.

As our company grew, Morgan’s engagement and enthusiasm also grew, and she became the true “face” of Salsa de Rosa. Most recently as our Customer Service Manager she increased our company’s digital and social media presence with newly developed creative skills, managed phone inquiries, emails and online sales and represented the company at networking events. She was as much the purpose of our business, as she was our future.

Morgan was a never-ending, tremendous source of our energy. She lived with such depth and compassion that very few in this world possess. It is difficult to think about Morgan without recalling her vibrance, humor, strength and generosity. She learned quickly and had a deep emotional intuition stemming from her heart of gold and endless desire to serve others. We know Morgan is in heaven and truly, the loss is deeply felt by not only her family, but all of us who were blessed to have her touch our lives.

Personally, as the general manager of Salsa de Rosa, I have been so blessed to witness the inner workings of a true family-owned business. I am not only honored, but also humbled to be invited into a family business and home that exudes such complete love and compassion for one another. I have only Morgan to thank, as she was the one who recruited me, invited me to family meals and events and embraced me as family, unconditionally. And, even in death, Morgan inspires and motivates me to respect all she shared with me, to become a better version of myself; and serve others as graciously and selflessly as did Morgan.

Morgan is an alumni and longtime member of Holy Family Catholic Church in Kirkland Washington. The service will be held on Saturday February 16th, 2019 at 11:00 AM. There will be a reception and an opportunity for an open mic, to share humorous and memorable stories of Morgan.

For inquiries or to be involved with the service and/or honoring Morgan’s life, please contact:
Josh Akramoff – General Manager Salsa de Rosa   (425)614-5957


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