Looking for an easy and delicious layered dip?

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Looking for an easy and delicious layered dip?
Written By: Morgan Bryar ~ 11/26/2018

Looking for an easy and delicious layered dip? Great for tailgating, parties and sides. Try this quick dip that’ll have everyone coming back for more ...

You’ll need:
1 Can of refried beans
3/4; 16oz Package of plain cream cheese
16 oz Favorite Salsa de Rosa flavor
2 Cups of grated pepper jack cheese

Pre-heat oven to 425°
*warm cream cheese for 45 seconds in microwave or until easily spreadable*

* In baking dish, spread beans into even, smooth layer
* Next, add the cream cheese on top into smooth layer (careful not to mix the ingredients)
* 3rd layer will be Salsa de Rosa
* Lastly, evenly sprinkle cheese on top

* Bake until cheese is fully melted and bubbling

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