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Posted on: 8/12/2019
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How to get the most from Salsa de Rosa
Written By: Steven Bryar ~ 9/9/2019

                 BLOGPOST_GetTheMost08122019.JPG  BLOGPOST_2GetTheMost08122019.JPG

In our current 16 and 48oz sizes, we get 45 days shelf life from the date of manufacture. Sometimes our salsa gets close to the ‘Use by’ date and I’m here to assure you, it’s still great to eat.

Follow this tip and you’ll use every drop: as Salsa de Rosa gets close to the ‘use by’ date, cook with it. Find a recipe in our cookbook, follow the easy instructions and presto change-o – a great meal.

Think about it. As our salsa gets older, nature takes over and things begin to break down. Water leaks out of the vegetables as they soften. Pretty soon, things are soft, not crisp. The flavor changes a little as the vinegar takes over.

Now compare that to what happens when you cook with our salsa. The cooking temperature heats up the vegetables. Water evaporates out and they begin to soften. Before long the veggies are soft and no longer crisp. The flavor melds with whatever it’s with.

So here’s the deal, if you don’t mind cooking with fresh Salsa de Rosa, by all means, go ahead. We all know your meal will turn out great. But personally, I like eating fresh salsa with chips or on food. Cooking is a secondary option.

To me, the smart money is on using (nearly or) expired salsa to cook with. It stretches my budget, too. And let’s face it, the results to the salsa are the same; soft vegetables that infuse their delectable flavor into whatever they’re cooked with, creating a wildly flavorful meal that you won’t hardly believe. Once you’ve cooked with Salsa de Rosa, you’ll keep doing it.

Take a risk. Experiment. Ro[sa] always says, “if you like different things by themselves, try putting them together and see how they taste.” Pretty simple concept, really. Make something today.

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Where to find our 48oz - July 2019
Written By: Steven Bryar ~ 8/26/2019


PCC Markets carry our 48s in the following stores:
Green Lake Village
Columbia City

Other markets include:
Triangle Produce in Everett
JD”s Market in Marysville

Ask your favorite store to start carrying them, plant the seed.

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Benny`s Dough held a demo...
Written By: Steven Bryar ~ 8/12/2019

BLOGPOST_BennysDemo08122019_s.jpgBenny`s Dough had a demo at Bert`s Red Apple in Madison mid July. We partnered with them and provided some Mean Green that they use instead of pizza sauce. Topped with lettuce, sliced avocado and tomato, it makes a delectable margarita pizza.

Benny`s Dough is a terrific pizza dough that has several uses besides pizza. What separates Benny’s dough from all other pizza doughs is its terrific flavor! It literally is the foundation of pizza!

Once thawed, you can roll it into a tube and slice into pencil size slices, then twist, roll in cinnamon sugar and bake or cut into cubes, bake, then lather with melted butter and garlic. Fantastic!

If you’re skilled at making a pretzel, then options are only limited by your imagination. Salted, jalapeno, basil, red onion are just a touch of what you can create. Amaze your friends and family with home made delicious pretzels! You will not be disappointed!!

Find Benny`s Pizza Dough at:
Bert`s Red Apple
Ken`s Market Queen Anne
Marketime Foods Fremont
Leschi Market Seattle
Yakima Fruit Market Bothell

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