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Memorial Day - Recap

An enormous thank you to all that joined Salsa de Rosa for the flag placement volunteer event at Washelli Memorial Cemetery in Seattle, WA. Also, a special thank you to Amber Krabach who organized the event. Rainy weather was not going to stop us from the very humbling experience, as 5,000 flags were placed by dozens of volunteers. Additionally, with the help of Home Depot donating a portion of the flags, all service members were honored. We are forever indebted to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend their country and values we hold so dear.


All NATURAL Award Winning Fresh Salsa! ... since 1999 

Mean Green “La Vieja Traviesa”


Our newest flavor. “Not too green, but extra mean.” One of the best to cook with. Don’t be fooled by the look of this one. You combine the Verde with Hot, you get Mean Green. If you like to have a little tangy bite and our most versatile salsa, then Mean Green is for you!

Ingredients: Tomatillo, Onion, Tomato, Jalapeño, Cilantro, Habanero, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Vinegar, Salt


You asked for it, now you got it! A NEW container!


Here's what customers are saying:

"I just want to THANK YOU profusely for the new containers! They are amazing and easy to open and I can get all the goodness out!! Seriously, I love your product, but hated the old containers. A sincere thank you to whomever came up with the design. Well done!!! I can even wash and reuse these new containers." - Chris W. 

Our new containers are dishwasher AND microwave safe, too!

(We tried it after a friend told us).  That means you can re-use them for snacks and leftovers! No more buying Tupperware-like containers.

...And yes, they're recyclable...if you must.


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